Blizzard Confirm The Production Of Fresh Classic Servers

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Blizzard recently created a new PTR which appeared in players launcher which split Burning Crusade Classic and created a new Classic Era test realm.

While Classic Era refers to the current classic servers that players had a choice to either stay on a forever vanilla realm or continue on to TBC (or pay to access both) this what not the case.


As players explored the world before the servers were taken offline, many people noticed it was a fresh classic experience (minus a few phase 2 additions) that had players excited.

Two weeks later in a development update for World of Warcraft, Blizzard confirmed they are working on creating fresh servers for players who would like to experience Azeroth as it was before any expansion again.

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Blizzard Confirm The Production Of Fresh Classic Servers

While the Classic Era servers are seen as a ghost town, many players do not want to play on these servers as they are still seeing the effects of a ruined economy thanks to bots and boosters.


Fresh servers give players a clean chance to experience the game again with everyone starting from the same point.

Many players wish to see some changes come into this new version to fix some of the major issues that plagued the original game.

Mage boosting, gold buying, and bots are some of the many reasons why the economy was ruined, and many players are asking for these things to be fixed or they will end up the same as previous servers.

World buffs were another talking point, although the addition of the Chonoboon during the end of Classic will likely be re-introduced to fix this.

There is no timeline for Classic fresh to be released, and we can only assume it will fall in between some downtime in Burning Crusade Classic.