Blizzard Announce Results On The Same-Faction Battleground Test

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Testing for same-faction Battlegrounds ended with last week's reset, and Blizzard has announced what their plans are going forward for the system.

While there are no plans to re-enable the feature anytime soon, Blizzard will review the data and feedback they collected over the weekend and we will likely see another test announced in the future, which may be longer.

"First and foremost, thank you to everyone who played Battlegrounds last week and sent us thoughtful and informed feedback on same-faction play. While we don’t plan to re-enable it again over the next few days, we’re analyzing the data we collected, and we’re planning to test more soon." Blizzard says.

Blizzard Announce Results On The Same-Faction Battleground Test

Blizzard had three main findings from the test.

  1. Prior to the test, many (Horde) players that joined a queue would wait for over an hour and would miss the queue or just drop it before a match was found. This was more noticeable at certain times of the day. During the test, queue times were reliable for both factions.
  2. During the same-faction test, PvP deaths in the world were close to 50/50 between the factions.
  3. Win-rates for both factions were close to 50/50 during the test as well.

Blizzard will analyze the data, and add any tweaks to the system before they are ready to test again.

Continue to provide feedback on the forums, as Blizzard is closely watching how the community is responding to this feature.

You can read Blizzard's blog post here.


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