Blizzard Announce New Format For Season 2 Mythic Dungeon International

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The Mythic Dungeon International returns for season 2 of Shadowlands, and Blizzard is changing up the format to benefit both players and fans of the tournament.

$380,000 USD is up for grabs as the next season looks to shake the format up quite a bit.


Season 2 will see the removal of "Cups" and the addition of a three-stage group format.

Blizzard Announce New Format For Season 2 Mythic Dungeon International

Players have from now until August 16th to sign up over on Gamebattles, if they wish to compete in the Time Trials.

Phase 1: Time Trials (August 18 - 24)

All eligible teams will compete in the Time Trials, with the top 24 going through to the next stage of the tournament.


Phase 2: Group Play (September 3 - 19)

The top 24 teams will be separated into three groups that will run each consecutive weekend, with different keystone difficulties and affixes to keep things fresh for the viewers.

Teams will split a $20,000 prize pool each week, with the top two teams continuing on to the final "Last Stand Tournament".

Phase 3: Last Stand Tournament (Dates TBA)

All the remaining teams will compete in one last Time Trials event, with the top 6 making it to the Last Stand Tournament, which draws inspiration from the recent "Great Push" Tournament.


These teams will have 15 hours to speed run keystones with the winner advancing to the finals.

The date for the Last Stand will be announced before the start of season 2.

The top 6 teams from group stages will meet with the top team from the China region, and the winner of the Last Stand during the Global Finals later this year.

This will be the first look at the pro play with the new seasonal affix "Tormented", which will shake things up and give fans a lot to look forward to as we can see what teams have come up with in such a short amount of time.


Find out more over on the official Blizzard post.

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