Asmongold Slams World of Warcraft for Trying to Tone Down Sexuality

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Blizzard has retroactively changed several sexually explicit themes in World of Warcraft. People are pissed off, mainly because they promote this in their game but have many lawsuits alleging that they aren't doing it in their workplaces. The hypocrisy and the attempt to change an image without changing an environment are what make many angry.

One of them is Zack, AKA' Asmongold,' who is more upset about what happened. Asmongold notes that his issue is with pretending that something is wrong with sexuality. Further clarifications are provided in multiple tweets.


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WoW Sexuality Change

Here is an example from WoWhead on Twitter, a well-known reporter of World of Warcraft. The photo is clearly much better in terms of quality, but the subject is more covered up. It's still emphasizing the sexuality of the woman, but seems like a much more confident way to do it.

The picture shows the same woman who looks like royalty. One with a coat open and showing off much of her breasts. The other is the same woman showing off less of her breasts but in a more royal looking outfit.
This is like jumping from games in the early 2000s to games today.

On the other side of things, it changes the personality you'd assume that the character in the photograph had. Yes, it's a change, but it's not that big of one. It's Asmongold's "What a f***ing joke lol" that has sparked controversy.

This response is at the end of the thread, thanks to Dexerto for the find:

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On the thread earlier, when someone asks if he is bothered by removing pixels, he replies:

"To see devs retroactively go back and change content because it doesn't conform to their world view and message they're trying to use the game to promote, yes it annoys me"

Despite the change in their game, Blizzard is still facing many accusations of a hostile workplace. The fact that a developer becomes more modern is not that bothersome to me, and I would rather see them practice what they preach. I haven't played World of Warcraft as long as Asmongold, so maybe it's a more significant issue in the OG community.

Blizzard, Asmongold says, is saying overemphasizing sexuality is wrong. As well, he doesn't like World of Warcraft being used to promote this kind of message. Whether he has a point or not, he is very determined to stand by his stance on World of Warcraft.