Asmongold Shares His Thoughts On The Activision Blizzard Allegations

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World of Warcraft's largest content creator Asmongold has spoken out on his thoughts about the recent State of California court case surrounding the Harassment of employees at Activision Blizzard.

During a video uploaded to his second YouTube channel, the streamer has shared his thoughts as a fan of Blizzard games for over 20 years.

"There is no admittance, no acknowledgement of the terrible work conditions that these employees are being put under." The streamer says.
"I have to say that until that gets fixed I have literally zero faith that they will ever make a good game again. That's the truth, you cannot put people under those conditions and expect those people to make a product that's derived from inspiration and creativity".

Asmongold Shares His Thoughts On The Activision Blizzard Allegations


Asmongold goes on to explain that while he doesn't expect World of Warcraft to ever have a restart, much like Final Fantasy XIV did with a Realm Reborn, he does believe that the company will have some drastic changes made and until that happens he doesn't feel right supporting the company until he can see the employees being treated right.

These comments are in line with rumors spreading through the community with current developers sharing that there is hardly any work being done on the game while people come to terms with what has been happening at the company.

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Asmongold has seen recent success branching out into other MMO's such as Final Fantasy XIV and New World, and we can expect this to continue a bit longer until Blizzard makes changes to the company.