Asmongold Can't Believe How Far World of Warcraft Has Fallen In Subscribers

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World of Warcraft is the largest Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) ever created. The last time I watched a video about its subscribers, it was massive, but it must have been years ago. Asmongold recently viewed a video on its subscriber base, which was below 2 million.

According to reports, the subscriber base for World of Warcraft is at its lowest level in five years. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a considerable drop, and it's going to go even lower. If you have heard anything about the Blizzard issues, you know that World of Warcraft should suffer a lot, but Asmongold disagrees entirely.


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World of Warcraft Is Losing Subscribers

Asmongold paused his video to see how far each count has fallen in every new update to World of Warcraft. The situation seems implausible, so it's hard to blame him for pausing. World of Warcraft is dying quickly from the numbers. The video found by Dexerto is below:


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"These numbers are just so bad," Asmongold said as he watched the data. Still, Asmongold is doubtful that the lawsuit against Blizzard will hurt the game at all. It's an interesting take, and he goes further to say:

"Let me give you a hot take, I don't think the lawsuit is going to have any tangible impact. I think that, what you're really seeing is a--It's like the Hong Kong thing… You didn't even notice it… I'm not saying it didn't matter, I'm saying that it won't have a tangible impact."

At this point, Asmongold repeats himself a lot, and this quote skips a lot of what he said. Basically: WoW has gotten a lot of bad press, but its users are primarily unaffected. The player base isn't going to stop playing the game over the bad press, is what he basically said.

We can do nothing but wait and see how far the lawsuit will affect World of Warcraft.