All Of Legion Timewalking Now Available Throughout December

Blizzard recently announced that the Mage Tower would stick around for two extra weeks, leaving after maintenance on January 4th.

Originally it was understood to only be the Mage Tower, but today Blizzard confirmed that all of Legion Timewalking will also be available into the new year, including normal LFG dungeons, Legion Mythic+, and weekly quest rewards.

"The Legion Timewalking Event will be available through the whole month of December, up from the two weeks originally scheduled. This will not affect other weekly events which will continue to happen in addition to Legion Timewalking." Blizzard says in the Legion Timewalking blog post.

The second two weeks will run alongside the already scheduled World Quest and Burning Crusade Timewalking events unless TBC Timewalking is moved.

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All Of Legion Timewalking Now Available Throughout December

There is something for everyone in Legion Timwalking, as Mythic+ players can experience a new set of Dungeons to spice things up, there are transmog and mounts to collect from dungeons, reputation, and the Mage Tower, and the Mage Tower itself is engaging challenge players are enjoying.

Timewalking has not been this long since the end of Warlords of Draenor and has slightly changed since then, so we are unsure if the quest to complete 5 dungeons each week which rewards a piece of normal Sanctum of Domination gear can be completed each week, although we expect it to reset each week.

Players can also use this as an opportunity to farm Timewarped Badges if they wish to collect items from another set of Timewalking.

All in all, this is a good decision by Blizzard and players hope they see how successful time walking can be especially after players plead with Blizzard to make Timewalking a weekly rotation just a few months ago.

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