Solid Snake's Voice Actor David Hayter Shows Interest In Voicing Wolverine

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Last week, the PlayStation Showcase revealed the upcoming Wolverine video game by Insomniac Games, making noise across the gaming community. Now, potential voice actors for the hero himself are emerging, including the voice of Solid Snake, David Hayter.

As seen on Hayter’s official Twitter account, the voice actor reposted a tweet from a fan who thinks that he should be the one voicing Wolverine in the titular game.


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The Voice of Wolverine?

Last week's teaser at Sony’s event only showed a few clips, not revealing Wolverine's face or his voice. This is where the suggestion of giving the role to Hayter started to arise.


Hayter is best known for his role as the voice actor behind Solid and Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid. But apart from this, he was also part of X-Men and X2 as a writer, where he directed some scenes from both films.

Will this be the reunion we might see for David Hayter and the X-Men universe? Make sure to follow us for more Wolverine news and updates.