Watch Dogs Legion: How Long to Beat On PS4, Xbox And PC?

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Jumping into a new game can be pretty daunting with so much to do and Watch Dogs Legion is no different!

From the content we've seen so far, the title seems to be full to the brim with quests, side missions and more.


Some don't have loads of time to spare whereas others just want to know completion times out of curiosity.

Well based on a number of factors we can actually figure out how long it takes to finish Watch Dogs Legion!

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How Long To Complete Watch Dogs Legion?

Story Play Through

Start out by completing the Story mode.

This is quickest on Easy for obvious reasons.


Make sure to turn off Permadeath Mode, it will mean starting over when dying which will take much longer.

This can be selected when starting a New Game and cannot be changed at a later date.

It's best to do the Story first as you'll get a load of Tech Points, Collectibles and Money which will aid you later on.

As well as the above it will also mean less time spent completing the open-world discovery aspect as you'll do a lot of it when doing quests.

Although, feel free to do some Side Quests etc here and there if you want a change.

The Story should take roughly 8 -12 hours.

Side Quests


Some of the Side Quests won't actually be accessible until completing the Story.

So it's best to get the Story out of the way first, then you know that all side quests will be available.

Side Quests will take about 3-4 hours.

Open World Completion

When entering pubs lookout for red safes, they contain about 1000 currency in them, 25000 in total from them all.

Overall the best character to use to explore is the Construction Worker.

He has a Cargo Drone which is great for reaching high places as you can hop on top of it!


It should take you about 15 - 20 hours to complete Open World discovery.

Miscellaneous Trophies

Collecting all of the Miscellaneous Trophies should take you 1 - 5 hours.


Altogether it should take you between 27 and 41 hours.

This all depends on how quickly you want to get through it and how efficient you are!