Watch Dogs Legion: All Paste-Up Locations

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Ubisoft has released its brand new title all over the world today. 

Watch Dogs Legion will explore the streets of London in the franchise's third game.

The game will depict England's capital in a futuristic post-Brexit metropolis, where gangs and rival factions battle on the streets.

Now, players are roaming the map and trying to complete all of the trophies and collectible items they can manage.

One of them will require you to vandalize a certain amount of locations all over London. 


What Are They? 

'Paste-Up' simply means you will have to use your player to interact with a location and spray some graffiti on it! 

There are a total of 46 locations around the Watch Dogs Legion map that you will need to spray.

This is quite a lot compared to other challenges we have covered so far.

But, it will be well worth the wait; as you will unlock the Piece de Resistance trophy for your troubles! 



Since there are 46 spots you are going to have to visit, this challenge is going to take some time.

However, this will also allow you to explore parts of the map you may have not visited yet!


Powerpyx has posted a YouTube video noting locations of all the Paste-Up locations.

Check it out below for a visual aid!