Watch Dogs Legion: Clint Hawking Says ‘An Army Of MI6 Spy Grandmas’ Would Be ‘One In A Billion’

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On Friday, August 21, Watch Dogs: Legion creative director Clint Hawking held a Reddit “AMA” (via PC Gamer) in which he fielded questions about the game.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Procedural NPCs


The third installment in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series lets players “recruit” and inhabit any of the game’s procedurally generated characters.

Some of these NPCs are construction workers, ambulance drivers, elderly “grandmas,” or even MI6 special agents.

So, naturally, would-be players want to know: what are the odds of commanding a small army of secret-agent grandmas?

“A grandma who is a spy would be an incredibly rare spawn,” Hocking said.


“I have never seen one, and seeing more than one in a single playthrough would be one in a billion, I imagine. If you manage to get a spy crew of grandmas, make sure to share.”

I’m reminded of the near-impossibility of two players crossing paths in the launch build of No Man’s Sky. And how — the day after its creator said the chances of such an event were “pretty much zero” — two players managed that very thing.

Never say never again, I suppose.

Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled for release on October 29.