Watch Dogs Legion: 3 Day Early Access Removed

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Watch Dogs Legion was previewed at Ubisoft Forward, the game looks to be a great new title to the series.

Ubisoft has since stated they will be removing three-day early access from the game and possibly all future titles.


We tried to get as much information on this as we could, read all about it.

Three-Day Early Access Removed

Game companies will do many things in order to convince customers to pre-order games through special editions containing bonuses.

One of Ubisoft's perks has been three-day early access, meaning players who pre-ordered a specific edition would get their hands on the game before others.


They recently released a statement saying that they will be getting rid of this for Watch Dogs Legion.

There's also potential they may follow this through with future titles, but this is not definite.

This news was first shared through an analyst within the games industry, Daniel Ahmad on Twitter, see below.


Ubisoft was well-known for their three-day early access

Three-day early access has been removed from the Gold, Ultimate and Collector's Editions.

The announcement could go either way in terms of fans' reactions, many believed it wasn't fair as some players didn't have the money to get early access whereas others may have got a special edition purely for the three-day early access.

We'll see whether this will impact future games!