InXile Announces New Wasteland 3 DLC

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InXile announced new Wasteland 3 DLC set for release on October 5. It’s called Cult of the Holy Detonation and transforms nearly everything about Wasteland 3.

Cult of the Holy Detonation opens once you reach level 16 and takes place under the Cheyenne Mountains. Here, your ranger squad encounters two warring cults, with a twist.


The members are mutated, slavering monsters, and they’re worshipping an ancient science project whose radiation caused their drastic evolution. They’d like to share their radiant epiphany with you, but your goal is deciding which cult gets to reign supreme.

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InXile Announces New Wasteland 3 DLC

That’s par for the course in Wasteland, but there’s a number of unique differences.


InXile built Cult of the Holy Detonation as a dungeon crawler, full of secrets to uncover and cultists to meet - and beat.

Battle is objective based in the new Wasteland 3 DLC, or at least, the bosses are.

InXile said bosses and major battles have a list of requirements to fulfill before combat will end, and you’ll need to divide your rangers and tackle each one if you want to succeed.

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