When Is The Next Double Affinity Weekend In Warframe?

Warframe has a lot of characters, companions, and weapons to play, and the players can create many combinations of them for their arsenals. However, this brings the difficulty that is leveling them up, since it can take a while to gather enough Affinity to take them to level 30.

This is why on some rare occasions, Digital Extremes brings Double Affinity Weekends, where you obtain double the amount of necessary experience, shortening considerably the time you have to spend grinding through the game to finish a Loadout setup.

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Warframe Double Affinity Weekend - What should I focus on?

Since you will obtain double the experience in all the missions, it’s highly advised to focus on one specific set of warframe + weapons, and use as many Forma as you need to have a complete, fully built loadout. The best map to do this is Hydron, on planet Sedna.

Hydron is a Defense mission that awards great amounts of experience for the minimum effort, which is why it’s always packed with players leveling up their warframes and weapons. The best way to quickly level up there is to do it on groups of 10 waves and then dipping out, which may look unnecessary, but keep in mind that after the 10th wave many Eximus enemies start appearing and, while still easy, they may take a bit longer to kill if you're not fully leveled.

When is the next Double Affinity Weekend?

In response to the players’ generosity last month culminating in over $11,000 Canadian Dollars raised for Covenant House Toronto, an organization that provides relief to youth experiencing homelessness, falling victim to trafficking, and otherwise at risk during the May 15th Charity Stream, Warframe is bringing back a Double Affinity Weekend, from Friday, June 18, 2 p.m ET to Sunday, June 20, 2 p.m ET.

This will also be the final weekend of the Dog Days event, so keep that in mind and be sure to finish the event before dipping into the Double Affinity Weekend!

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