Warframe's Sisters of Parvos Update Arrives Next Week

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Warframe's next update, the Sisters of Parvos, will arrive on July 6th on all platforms and introduce a new system full of boss battles, a new Warframe, and more.

The update's storyline follows on from the Call of the Tempestarii update and sees players clash with Parvos Granum, who has built a squad of huntresses equipped with robotic hounds.

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Warframe's Sisters of Parvos Update Arrives Next Week

Check out the trailer for the update below:


Alongside the new story content, the new Corpus Lich system offers a series of boss battles and new rewards to customise their playstyle, while the open-world Fortuna region will also add new activities based around protecting Ventkids.

Yareli, Warframe's latest character class.
Yareli's selflessness is legendary in Fortuna

Yareli, the latest Warframe, can be unlocked by completing K-Drive challenges in the Orb Vallis to earn her Blueprint for crafting.


She's not only capable of creating ice blades and geysers, but can also summon an aqua board for traversal and combat.

Fans can also find a new Ember Pyraxis collection, as well as Syndicate-themed armour and emotes.

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