Warframe Wukong Build Guide - How to Obtain, Craft, and Best Builds

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Table of Contents

Wukong is a martial arts-based warframe, of course, inspired by the character of the same name. He can be a tanky DPS character to use with more than decent mobility in various circumstances, and the ability to cast an autonomous clone of himself that will battle at your side.

His Prime version also displays higher shield capacity, armor, energy capacity, and sprint speed, as well as an additional polarity. However, right now Wukong Prime is unobtainable until the Vault brings him back, so you may need to roam around the Trade Chat in case you want him.

How to Craft Wukong?


Wukong's blueprints can be researched from the Tenno Lab in the dojo.

Building Requirements
Wukong Blueprint Price - Tenno Lab Research
Wukong Neuroptics - Tenno Lab Research
Wukong Chassis - Tenno Lab Research
Wukong Systems - Tenno Lab Research

Building Time
Warframe- 72 Hours
Components - 12 Hours

Wukong Overview and Best Weapon Options

Wukong is a versatile warframe more focused on offensive strategies, with potential for a stealthy approach as well. The Celestial Twin will be a great ally in solo missions and Primal Fury can achieve really big damage numbers. On top of that, Cloud Walker is a great resource for mobility and to get yourself out of tricky situations.

Wukong has learned five techniques to avoid death whenever he takes fatal damage. Wukong will be randomly allowed 3 of these techniques per mission to avoid death 3 times. Each technique will make Wukong avoid entering bleedout upon taking fatal damage, invulnerable for 2 seconds, restore 50% health, and provide one of the following buffs:

Primal Forces: 300% elemental damage for 60 seconds.
Heavenly Cloak: Invisibility for 30 seconds.
Cosmic Armour: Invulnerable for 30 seconds.
Monkey Luck: Enemies killed yield extra loot drops for 60 seconds.
Sly Alchemy: Orbs 4x more effective for 60 seconds.

Celestial Twin
Shedding part of himself, Wukong creates a twin to fight by his side. Attack at range and the twin will melee, pull a blade and the twin will lay down covering fire. Use again to command the twin to attack a target with increased damage.
Strength:1.5 / 1.6 / 1.75 / 2 x Health multiplier
Infinite lifespan
2 x Damage multiplier

Cloud Walker
Evaporate into a cloud of mist and float through the battlefield, dazing any enemy encountered and healing Wukong and his twin.
Strength: 0.5% / 0.6% / 0.8% / 1% Health / meter
Duration: 2 Seconds of cloud duration
Range: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 Meters of stun radius
30 m/s Cloud movement speed
100% Status cleanse on cast
2 Seconds of stun duration

Wukong and his twin become invulnerable and defy enemies to attack. All damage is captured, stored, and dealt back in a single furious strike of Wukong's staff. Bonus Armor is then granted relative to the damage captured.
4 / 5 / 6 / 7.5 x Damage multiplier
0.8 / 1 / 1.2 / 1.5 x Armor multiplier
2 Seconds of invulnerability duration
15 / 18 / 20 / 25 Seconds of armor duration
Range: 7 / 8 / 10 / 12 Meters of staff swing radius
-50 % Move speed penalty
100 % Status cleanse on spin
50 Armor bonus
1,500 Armor bonus cap

Primal Fury
Summon the Exalted Weapon Iron Staff and unleash fury.
Energy Drain: 5
Strength: 100 / 125 / 200 / 250 Points of damage
Misc: 3.5 Meters of staff reach

Recommended Weapons

For Wukong, on the offensive side, you can just use whatever seems more convenient to you. Since you will rely a lot of times on the Exalted Weapon, just think what would you want your twin to use and build upon that. Ignis, Akstiletto, and Ninkondi will serve that purpose, and of course, if you can afford the Prime or Wraith versions, the better. Use as many Forma on them as you see fit to achieve the desired build, and you'll be good to go!

Primary Weapon - Ignis

Secondary Weapon - Akstiletto


Melee Weapon - Ninkondi

Wukong Best Builds

Wukong - Primal Fury DPS Build

Mods List
Aura Mod - Steel Charge
Exilus Mod - Handspring

  • Intensify
  • Vitality
  • Flow
  • Primal Rage
  • Adaptation
  • Continuity
  • Gladiator Aegis
  • Gladiator Resolve

Exalted Weapon - Iron Staff


  • Pressure Point
  • Condition Overload
  • Berserker
  • Drifting Contact
  • Fever Strike
  • Shocking Touch
  • Reach
  • Organ Shatter

This build is based upon your usage of Primal Fury to amp-up some red crit numbers, maximizing your damage to a ridiculous extent. To do that, this balanced build relies on several mods that will improve your critical chance per combo multiplier, like the Gladiator mods. The rest are just slight boosts into Strength and Duration, with Adaptation for more sustain and Flow to have a better Energy pool. Press 4 and Iron Staff will do the work.

Wukong - Cloud Walker Stealth Build

Mods List
Aura Mod - Steel Charge
Exilus Mod - Handspring

  • Constitution
  • Vitality
  • Flow
  • Endurance Drift
  • Narrow Minded
  • Continuity
  • Augur Message
  • Streamline

This build is a stealth one, similar to Loki’s one. You need to focus on modding as much Duration and Efficiency as you can, and Cloud Walker will hide you from enemy eyes. This isn’t exactly Invisibility, but it has the advantage of healing you and your Twin while you’re traveling as a cloud, making it extremely useful in tight situations.