Warframe Vaykor Hek Guide - How to Obtain, Craft, and Best Builds

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The Vaykor Hek is a variant weapon of the shotgun Hek, and it’s obtainable only by joining Steel Meridian. With a shot that sounds like a thunderclap, and with double the magazine capacity and a faster rate of fire than the original weapon, this shotgun is a staple for almost every occasion. However, it takes slightly longer to reload than the base variant.

Vaykor Hek - Base Stats

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Accuracy - 9.1
Critical Chance - 25.0%
Critical Multiplier - 2.0x
Falloff - 10.0-25.0
Fire Rate - 3.00
Magazine - 8
Multishot - 7.0
Noise - Alarming
Reload - 2.3 seconds
Status - 10.7%
Trigger - Semi

Impact - 11.3
Puncture - 48.8
Slash - 15.0

Vaykor Hek - How To Obtain & Building Requirements

The Vaykor Hek can be acquired by reaching the Rank of General with the Steel Meridian Syndicate, costing 125,000 Standing to purchase. Like all the Syndicate Weapons, the Vaykor Hek will make you gain Standing after a determined amount of kills.

Building Time - None
Main Blueprint Price - 125,000 Standing (Steel Meridian)

Vaykor Hek - Mastery Requirements

You need to have a Mastery Rank of 12 to obtain and use this weapon.

Vaykor Hek Best Builds

Vaykor Hek - Boom Build

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Forma Required: 1
Mod List
Exilus Mod - Shotgun Ammo Mutation

  • Point Blank
  • Hell’s Chamber
  • Shotgun Spazz
  • Tactical Pump
  • Chilling Grasp
  • Chilling Reload
  • Toxic Barrage
  • Vicious Spread

The build is simple, the idea is to maximize damage while we try to reduce the reload time as much as we can. Tactical Pump and Chilling Reload will help with that, with Shotgun Spazz for better Fire Rate, Vicious Spread to cover a wider area, and Shotgun Ammo Mutation in case we ran out of ammo. The rest is just damage, choose the element combination you want, but keep in mind to keep Chilling Reload if possible, otherwise you will have to sacrifice some reload time.

Note: To be fair with both new and veteran players, we will make builds that display the standard version of the mods involved. However, it is always advised to use the best version you can get, such as Primed, Umbral, or Riven mods.

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