Warframe Tennocon 2021 - Reveals, Announcements, And The New War

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Table of Contents

Warframe’s Tennocon 2021 is over, and it left a lot of juicy reveals and announcements for the upcoming content. Not only a new Prime warframe was revealed, but also the future expansion The New War was revealed, with 30 minutes of gameplay. If you wanna catch up on all this news, we got your back!

New Warframe - Nidus Prime


A new Prime Warframe was released, this time the enhanced version of Nidus, the infested warrior. Now sporting a golden section and several new tentacles, this Prime Warframe for sure will be a great upgrade from the normal one, so keep your eyes open for when it releases! And if you want to learn more about Nidus in general, check our build guide!

Warframe Mobile, Crossave, and Crossplay

One of the most surprising announcements was the Warframe Mobile version, which looks honestly amazing. Even more surprising was the reveal of an upcoming Crossplay and Crossave function, now in development and for all platforms, something that players have been asking for years.


Warframe - The New War

Last but not least, the announcement for the expansion called The New War was shown, with more gameplay and certainly interesting twists. The upcoming climax for Warframe’s current story arc will feature an all-out war where you will have the chance of playing as other faction characters for the first time across the Origin System.

This war will see massive attacks on all fronts, whether is Railjack territory or the Plains of Eidolon, and you will have the opportunity to respond as the Grineer trooper Kahl (who made every attendant shed a tear) on the Plains of Eidolon, the scared Corpus Veso on a Corpus Station, and our mentor and Conclave leader Tesshin, displaying some serious moves on a Sentient Mothership.

With a lot of info and a 30-minute long gameplay demo, all this served as a glimpse for what’s coming later this year (yes, this very year!) on Warframe: The New War!

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