Warframe Adds Octavia Prime, Star Days and Lunar Renewal Events This Month

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Warframe players are in for a busy Spring, with developer Digital Extremes revealing a series of events and content coming to the space ninja title in the coming weeks.

With the next update, Call of the Tempestarii, offering new regions and Railjack missions, fans can enjoy two limited-time modes before then and gain access to Octavia Prime.

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Warframe Adds Octavia Prime, Star Days and Lunar Renewal Events This Month

Octavia Prime, a more powerful version of the base Octavia Warframe, allows players to weave combat into musical elements.

Using an instrument called the Mandachord, Octavia's abilities can be augmented with different sequences.

The game's Star Days event is live, too, with players able to earn rewards like the Eros Ephemera and wings for your Warframe as part of the Valentines Day event – players just need to visit Ticker in Fortuna.

As of February 16, the Year of the Ox event, Lunar Renewal, kicks off with free customisations earnable and new weapon skins coming to the store.

We recently reviewed the game's PS5 version and were left incredibly impressed.


"If you’ve never played Warframe and are looking for an opportunity to jump in, then the PS5 version provides an excellent opportunity to do just that," we said.

"It’s beautiful, complex, and offers a free-to-play business model that offers content in spades without prompting you for your bank details on a regular basis."

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