Warframe - Sisters of Parvos Update, New Content, And Everything You Need To Know

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Today the new Warframe Update was released, called The Sisters of Parvos. This update brings a series of changes in terms of weapon rebalancing, as well as the introduction of various kinds of content, such as Sisters of Parvos and a new Mini Quest for Yareli, the newest warframe. We will cover all those topics so you know where to start!

Sisters of Parvos - Improvements & Updates

New Special Enemies - Sisters of Parvos

Sisters of Parvos are Corpus adversaries that work under Parvos Granum. Similar to the Kuva Liches, they work as nemesis of the individual Tenno whose actions in battle have caused them to rise, establishing a foothold in the Star Chart. Their powers grant them invincibility in the battlefield that can only be affected by the Tenno who they are bound to, once they discover a sequence that the Tenno has to apply to their Parazon in the right order, to purify the Sister and permanently sever their Void Powers. Every Sister has a unique name and various randomized properties.


After the completion of The War Within and Call of the Tempestarii quests, the player may encounter a Sister Candidate upon qualifying for Rank 1 rewards of Nightmare Granum Void of any mission with the Corpus Ship tileset. By choosing to kill the Candidate with a Mercy kill, the player causes a Sister to arise in the Origin System, becoming the Progenitor of that Sister.

Waverider - Mini Quest

The Waverider is a Quest featuring the new warframe, Yareli, and the Ventkids. To obtain the quest from Roky, the Vox Solaris quest must first be completed. To start the quest, view Roky's message in the inbox and then head to Fortuna to visit Boon. There you will find that Roky got hurt while in possession of a graphica, a sort of comic or graphic novel.


The graphica is locked but in your presence the cover is unlocked revealing it to be an illustration of Yareli, The Waverider. Boon implores you to unlock the rest of the pages hoping that the graphica's story will help Roky recover, as she is a huge fan of Yareli and storytelling. Each page is unlocked by performing a set of tricks and feats on your k-drive.

A new mini Quest and a webcomic will also release with the upcoming update, explaining the lore behind Yareli and her involvement with the Ventkids faction. Yareli’s abilities were also shown, showing not only adorable animations for her but also that she has her own skateboard, which is fitting given her relationship with those rascal kids of Fortuna.

New Kuva and Corpus Weapons

A new Kuva Weapon was teased, the Kuva Hek, and an array of new corpus weapons are also coming with this Update, some of them obtainable by buying them to Ergo Glast on any relay. A sniper gun, alternative versions of several known weapons (Arca Plasmor, Flux Rifle, Tetra, and Cycron), and the long-awaited briefcase-looking weapons, they’ll be great additions to your arsenal for sure.

The Arsenal Divide - Melee & Gun Review

Since these days there’s a kinda unfair unbalance between firearms and melee weapons (with the latter being way better), both will be reworked with some nerfs happening, but also a serious buff for firearms. Hopefully the beginning of a more fair meta will come after the numerous balance changes that both weapons and mods got with this update.


New Cosmetics

New Harrow Alternate Helmet
Harrow gained a new helmet sporting a crux visor, honestly the coolest helmet on a warframe so far.


Ember Deluxe #2
The newest Deluxe Skin for Ember is here, sporting a cool, demonic look. It will also come with a new syandana and a flamethrower skin.