Warframe Omen Bundle - How To Claim This New Collab Pack

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Digital Extremes and Omen are collaborating on a new Warframe Bundle, the Omen Bundle. This special reward brings a warframe, a weapon, and several other resources for the Tenno that claim it on Omen’s Gaming Hub. This pack is entirely free and only requires a few steps to be obtained.

Warframe Omen Bundle - How To Claim


This is one of the many bundles that Digital Extremes gives to players these days, with more items being obtainable throughout the weekend on the Tennocon. To obtain this specific Bundle, though, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the Omen Gaming Hub
  • Create an Account
  • Click on the Home Page banner
  • Do the Challenge
  • Redeem the rewards

And voila! Now you have the Warframe Omen Bundle.

Warframe Omen Bundle - Items List

Once you claimed the bundle you will notice that you obtained various items. This collaboration event pack rewards all the players with the following list of items:

Ember Warframe
The warframe Ember is a great resource as an offensive character that manipulates fire with great versatility.

Tenno Color Palette
A color palette with a variety of tones that will expand on your possible customization colors.

This primary weapon is a sturdy shotgun that has low damage but more than decent status potential.

7-Day Affinity Booster
This affinity boost will give you week of double experience earned for your Warframes, Weapons, Companions and Vehicles like the Necramechs and Archwings.


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