Warframe Mini-Quest Guide: The Waverider - Walkthrough, New Warframe And Rewards

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The Waverider is a Quest featuring the new warframe, Yareli, and the Ventkids. To obtain the quest from Roky, the Vox Solaris quest must first be completed. A new mini Quest and a webcomic also released with the new Update, Sisters of Parvos, explaining the lore behind Yareli and her involvement with the Ventkids faction.

The Waverider - Walkthrough


Step #1 - Visit Roky in Fortuna

Upon completion of the quest “Vox Solaris”, the player will receive an inbox message from Roky, one of the Ventkids, asking for help. Head to Fortuna to visit Boon, and there you will find that Roky got hurt while in possession of a Graphica, a sort of comic or graphic novel.

Boon explains that they found Roky in a comatose state, and on her possession was the Waverider #1, a comic featuring an illustration of Yareli, now locked, which could be the reason why Roky is wounded. Knowing there is zero chance that Nef Anyo's will help repair Roky, Boon asks the Tenno to unlock the Graphica, so he can tell Roky the story when she wakes up.

Step #2 - Unlocking the Graphica

After you return to the Orbiter, the Waverider #1 can be found on the Codex table. It contains a total of 5 pages and each page is unlocked by performing K-Drive feats.

The Waverider - Unlock Page 1

  • Earn 2,000 Ventkids Reputation in a single K-Drive Race
  • Copter x 5 (Space + W )
  • 50 point Grindy x 5 (Hold L. Ctrl + Space while grinding)
  • Kill 5 enemies with a Secondary Weapon while riding a K-Drive
  • Perform 5 5x Combos

The Waverider - Unlock Page 2

  • Earn 2,400 Ventkids Reputation in a single K-Drive Race
  • Frontside Rollout x 3 (Right Click + D )
  • 50 point Frontside Clutch x 5 (Left Click + D )
  • Get 5 Headshot Kills with a Secondary Weapon while riding a K-Drive
  • Earn 500 points in a K-Drive trick chain

The Waverider - Unlock Page 3

  • Earn 3,000 Ventkids Reputation in a single K-Drive Race
  • Nose Planker x 5 (Right Click + W )
  • 50 point Backside Skyrocker x 5 (Left Click + A , Right Click )
  • 5 Slam Shockwave kills (Space , Tap LCtrl , Hold LCtrl )
  • Earn 1000 points in a K-Drive trick chain

Is at this point when Nef Anyo suddenly interjects, implying that he made some sort of deal with Roky and taunts Boon and the Tenno talking about her injury. Boon defiantly responds that the Ventkids won't give in.

The Waverider - Unlock Page 4

  • Earn 3,400 Ventkids Reputation in a single K-Drive Race
  • Backside Clutch x 5 (Left Click + A )
  • 50 point Tail Clutch Planker x 5 (Left Click + S , Right Click )
  • Obtain 5 seconds of air-time on a K-Drive
  • Earn 1500 points in a K-Drive trick chain

Nef Anyo reveals that he brokered a deal with Roky, agreeing to remove all of the Ventkids' debt for occupying his vents if they surrender the completed Graphica to a mysterious buyer he has waiting on Deimos.

The Waverider - Unlock Page 5

  • Earn 3,600 Ventkids Reputation in a single K-Drive Race
  • Tail Spinja x 5 (Left Click + S , Space )
  • Earn 2000 points in a K-Drive trick chain
  • Keep a K-Drive trick chain alive for 20 seconds
  • Perform 5 10x combos

Nef Anyo grows impatient, demanding the completed Graphica. However, Boon invites the Tenno to return to the Ventkids. After returning to Fortuna, Nef Anyo calls off the deal, since apparently the buyer was spooked, agreeing instead to purchase the ventilation shafts where the Ventkids live in.

Roky awakens and Boon fills her in on the completed Graphica, revealing that he found out the Deimos buyer is Grandmother, who received the Graphica in exchange for an elixir to heal Roky, and bought out their home which effectively removes all their debts.

The Waverider - Mission Ending and Rewards

Back on the Orbiter, Grandmother sends an inbox message to the Tenno, and delivers the following rewards:

  • Yareli Main Blueprint
  • Noggle Statue - Yareli
  • K-Drive Booster, and
  • Yareli Prex Orbiter Decoration

The Tenno will also keep the Waverider #1, which can be used as an Orbiter Decoration as well.

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