Warframe Upcoming Showcase Offers First Look At Nidus Prime

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Warframe’s Tennocon 2021 is over, and it left a lot of juicy reveals and announcements for the upcoming content. Not only a new Prime warframe was revealed, but also the future expansion The New War was revealed, with 30 minutes of gameplay.

Attendants also set a new in-game peak concurrency record for the franchise during the TennoLive Relay event, with hundreds of thousands of global players simultaneously sharing an experience together, which sent Warframe into Steam’s Top-Ten Highest Ever Peak Concurrency for a free-to-play game on the platform.


Warframe - Devstream Showcase and Date

On August 27, Digital Extremes will present a Devstream with the Warframe team, where viewers will be treated to the first full walkthrough of Nidus Prime, a rerun of TennoCon 2021’s wildly popular narrative relay event on all platforms, and a behind-the-scenes look at some in-development content will be showcased, as the dev team continues working into the upcoming chapter of the story, The New War, launching later this year.

The narrative event will take viewers on a guided immersive flashback at the most shocking moments from Warframe’s history as well as a look back inside the Zariman Ten Zero and other Warframe scenes. Twitch Drops will also be awarded to attendants.


New Warframe - Nidus Prime

First revealed during the Tennocon 2021, the enhanced version of Nidus will make a complete appearance in the upcoming Devstream. Now sporting a golden section and several new tentacles, this Prime variant will also offer increased base stats and extra Polarity Slots, providing more Mod customization and stronger building potential for players.

This Prime Warframe for sure will be a great upgrade from the normal one, so keep your eyes open for when it releases! And if you want to learn more about Nidus in general, check our build guide!


New Deluxe Warframe - Revenant Deluxe Skin

Another reveal comes in the form of the New Revenant Deluxe skin, a conceptual collaboration between Digital Extremes and the fan artist Debbysheen. With Revenant now sporting a more mystic, demonic aspect, this Skin shows great potential at customization for all the Fashionframe adepts.

But the news doesn't stop there. Another content teased on this week’s development showcase will be the return of Warframe’s Operation: Plague Star event, a popular limited-run event that will see players rallying together to defend the Plains of Eidolon from the Infested. To spice things up, a new weapon will be revealed on stream that will help players destroy the toxic, infested boil before it becomes unstoppable.

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