Warframe Arca Plasmor Guide - How to Obtain, Craft, and Best Builds

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The Arca Plasmor is a Corpus-themed shotgun that fires plasma pulses of Radiation element with guaranteed Impact procs. The projectiles have high status chance and high punch through against bodies, which makes this weapon really good against groups of enemies. If built properly, you can demolish entire maps of endless missions with this massive weapon.


Arca Plasmor - Base Stats

Accuracy - 9.1
Critical Chance - 22%
Critical Multiplier - 1.6x
Falloff - 10.0-20.0
Fire Rate - 1.10
Magazine - 10
Noise - Alarming
Reload - 2.8
Status - 28.0%
Trigger - Semi

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Radiation - 600.0

Arca Plasmor - Building Requirements

The Arca Plasmor's blueprint can be researched from the Energy Lab in the dojo.

Building Time - 24 Hours
Main Blueprint Price - 15,000 Credits
Component 1 - Fieldron x5
Component 2 - Control Module x25
Component 3 - Cryotic x925
Component 4 - Forma x1


Arca Plasmor - Mastery Requirements

You need to have a Mastery Rank of 10 to obtain and use this weapon.

Arca Plasmor Best Builds

Arca Plasmor - Magnetic + Radiation Build

Forma Required: 2

Mod List
Exilus Mod -
Snap Shot

  • Point Blank
  • Frigid Blast
  • Vicious Spread
  • Charged Shell
  • Hell’s Chamber
  • Shell Shock
  • Chilling Reload
  • Vigilante Armaments OR Tactical Pump

This build is made with The Index in mind. The combination of Radiation and Magnetic makes a great pair, highly effective against the Corpus Brokers we will face in that game mode. Since it’s better against groups of enemies, it will benefit from Vicious Spread for extra damage, with Point Blank and Hell’s Chamber as staples for this kind of weapon. Charged Shell, Shell Shock, Frigid Blast, and Chilling Reload are necessary for max Magnetic Output, and Vigilante Armaments can be replaced with Tactical Pump if the reload time does bother you.

Note: To be fair with both beginner and veteran Tenno, this build will reflect the standard version of the Mods involved. However, it is always advised to use the best version you can get, such as Primed, Umbral, or Riven mods.

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