Warframe Tennocon 2021 - When Does It Start And What To Expect

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Warframe’s annual convention, the Tennocon, is right around the corner and set to begin later this month on July 17th, in a fully-digital format. A lot of speculation about the possible showcased content was talked about, and while nothing can be confirmed yet, we have a few good guesses, for sure.

Tennocon - What to Expect?


Sisters of Parvos and Yareli
The next Story Update, The Sisters of Parvos, will release soon, and while a lot of it was already revealed, such as the new weapons and the new water-based warframe Yareli, it sounds like the Tennocon is the ideal moment for it to land on PC and Consoles.

The New War
It’s been a while since a New War episode story content was released, and usually, every Tennocon has its big reveal moment, like Railjack in 2018 or Plains of Eidolon in 2017. It wouldn’t be strange at all to see an announcement about a new episode of the New War, and where will it take the Tenno this time.

New Deluxe Warframes
Every year an amalgam of Deluxe Warframe Skins is released for players to customize their warframes. In every Tennocon a few of these are announced, as well as other work in progress, such as cosmetics for weapons and companions.

Work In Progress
Tennocon is also known for showing up where the studio is at this point in terms of works in progress. While they won’t show everything they’re working on, there’s a more than good chance that they display future Warframes, Weapons, and even enemies.


Baro Hub
This isn’t a prediction at all, but it’s worth noting that Baro Ki’teer will have his hub displaying every single item on his catalog for those who paid for any of the Tennocon packs. This can be useful for the newer Tenno, since waiting for all his items to cycle in his store can take a long time.

Save the date on July 17th, and if you want to keep a closer track of the time remaining before the event, check this page.