Oculus Rift S Is No Longer Being Sold, Replaced By Quest 2

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While it's been known for some time that Facebook were changing their focus away from PC-only hardware, opting for standalone VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2, the Oculus Rift S had remained available for sale until this point. However, as per Oculus' official website, the Oculus Rift S is "no longer available".

While recent years has seen Facebook switch focus to wireless hardware, support remained for the Oculus Rift's successor, though in a diminished capacity. By ending sales of their latest PC-only headset, that only leaves the Quest 2 available for purchase.


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Oculus Rift S Is No Longer Being Sold, Replaced By Quest 2

However, it times up with a recent push over Oculus Link, letting users play PC VR games through the standalone unit. While both Quest headsets can be linked up to your PC through a USB-C cable, Facebook recently rolled out Oculus Air Link, allowing you to connect to your PC wirelessly.

Facebook has been gradually rolling out improvements for Quest as well. Alongside experimental 120 Hz support, their recent v30 firmware update added a new way to swap between party chat and app voice chat, alongside Air Link support for the original Quest headsets. While it's a shame to see the Rift S disappear, Oculus isn't going anywhere.