New Oculus Headset Potentially Revealed Through Leaked Promo Videos

We're only a few days away from Facebook Connect on October 28th and potentially, we've got our first look at the next Quest headset. That's thanks to several leaked promotional videos, which have now made their way onto Twitter, courtesy of Bastian via Samulia.

There's four promotional videos, showing off an unknown black Oculus headset that's speculated to be a Quest Pro or Quest 3. One video shows customisation options and an avatar which mimics your body and face, matching previous reports of potential facial tracking. Another shows off a workplace-style environment with a second user.

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New Oculus Headset Potentially Revealed Through Leaked Promo Videos

The third video offers a look at the new controllers, which differ from standard Quest Touch controllers by lacking a tracking ring. Finally, video no.4 shows two users playing Beat Saber, before a third one joins in. While these don't have sound, you can find them all in the Twitter thread down below.

It certainly looks like the real thing and Road To VR claim they've "independently confirmed" these videos to be official. Hopefully we'll learn more during Facebook Connect and we'll keep you informed with further details if/when this gets announced.

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