Updated: Oculus Quest 2 128GB Model Launches On August 24th

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Update - July 27, 2021

Following on from previous reports, Facebook has now officially confirmed the Oculus Quest 2 128GB version. Going live on August 24th, that'll replace the previous 64GB model, while the Quest 2's existing 256GB option remains on sale for $399.


Original - July 20, 2021

Facebook's expansion into Virtual Reality has been all-too evident these last few years. Following Oculus Quest 2's launch last year, they've made a significant push towards wireless VR, recently discontinuing PC-only Oculus Rift S headset. Now, they might be planning a mid-range storage option for Quest 2.

Across the last few weeks, many signs have pointed towards a 128GB headset but so far, Quest 2's only got a 64GB and 256GB option.. That's rumoured to be replacing the existing 64GB choice, as one French retailer briefly listed a 128GB model for the same price as the lower memory option.

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Oculus Quest 2's 128GB Model May Have Leaked

As spotted by UploadVR, images showing 128GB on an Oculus Quest 2 box were recently shared via imgur too, which contained the full barcode to prove its authenticity. A Quest 2 ad in Shonen Jump Plus manga also contained a reference to “128GB / 256GB”, but that's since been removed.

It's worth noting that unlike other handheld devices such as the Nintendo Switch, Valve's upcoming Steam Deck or many Android phones, Quest 2 doesn't feature expandable storage, meaning you have to delete games each time. We'd certainly welcome a new Quest 2 variant with larger memory, and we'll let you know if/when Facebook confirm it.