Update: Lone Echo II Delayed Into Late 2021

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Updated - August 13, 2021

Several weeks after Ready At Dawn announced Lone Echo II's release date, they've now confirmed this final Oculus Rift-exclusive has been delayed into late 2021. Previously scheduled to launch on August 24th, we don't have a new solid release date, but Ready At Dawn issued this statement:

To Our Lone Echo Community,

It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of love and excitement last month when we announced the Lone Echo II launch date. Like many game studios over the past couple of years, our team has tackled new obstacles in development, and has needed to be inventive and resourceful to reach this point. We have been working hard to deliver the very best experience possible and we are eager to have you join Liv and Jack in their adventures once again. However, as we get closer to launch day, it has become clear that we needed a bit more time to polish and reach our desired quality level. As such, Lone Echo II’s launch date will be moved to later this year.

The decision to delay a game is always a tough one, but we believe you all deserve to experience the very best we can deliver.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Be safe, and see you around the rings of Saturn…

-The Ready At Dawn Team

Original - July 21, 2021


Having faced several coronavirus-related delays, Lone Echo II is finally launching for Oculus Rift on August 24th. Presenting a sequel to Ready at Dawn's acclaimed 2017 hit Lone Echo, this zero-gravity VR adventure marks Facebook's last ever Rift exclusive, having recently ended production on Rift S headsets.

Initially announced back in 2018, Lone Echo II picks up right after the original game, seeing Captain Rhodes and Echo One (your player-controlled android, nicknamed "Jack") find themselves 400 years into the future. Discovering a mysterious space station which appears abandoned, they soon realise it could bring them home.

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Lone Echo II Launches For Oculus Rift On August 24th

Promising a strong sci-fi adventure built with puzzle elements, Ready At Dawn's promised this will include "sharp visuals", "complex challenges", and "startling discoveries". Anyone who buys Lone Echo II will also receive a new Jack-themed chassis for their avatars in Echo VR, a free-to-play multiplayer sports spin-off available on Quest and Rift.


In preparation, Facebook's also discounted the original Lone Echo until II's launch, currently available at 75% off for £7.99/$9.99. Much like II, that's only officially available for PC players through Oculus Rift, though several methods exist for other PC headsets. Otherwise, providing you've got a VR-ready PC, both games are playable on Quest headsets via Oculus Link.