Lone Echo II Drifts Towards An October Release Date

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Lone Echo II hasn't had the easiest journey. After several coronavirus-related delays, developers Ready at Dawn previously confirmed it'd launch on August 24th before announcing another delay into "late 2021." Now, they've revealed it's finally arriving on October 12th.

Offering a sequel to 2017's acclaimed Lone Echo, this upcoming game is also Facebook's last ever Oculus Rift exclusive, having ended production on the PC-only Rift S headsets. Revealing this news via Medium, Ready At Dawn's team confirmed:

As always, our goal has been to bring you an entertaining and immersive experience when adventuring with Liv and Jack. Today, we’re excited to announce Lone Echo II will be released on October 12, 2021. We love the Lone Echo universe and felt we needed a little more time to give the game the polish and love it deserved. So, thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout development.

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Lone Echo II Launches For Oculus Rift On August 24th

Announced in 2018, Lone Echo II is a direct sequel, seeing Captain Rhodes and Echo One (your player-controlled android, nicknamed "Jack") finding themselves 400 years into the future, discovering a mysterious space station.

While both games are Rift exclusives, several methods exist to play it through other PC headsets. Otherwise, if you've got a VR-ready PC, both can be played on Oculus Quest headsets via Oculus Link. We'll keep you informed as we learn more.