21 Jul 2021 10:47 AM +00:00

Lone Echo II Launches For Oculus Rift On August 24th

Having faced several coronavirus-related delays, Lone Echo II is finally launching for Oculus Rift on August 24th. Presenting a sequel to Ready at Dawn's acclaimed 2017 hit Lone Echo, this zero-gravity VR adventure marks Facebook's last ever Rift exclusive, having recently ended production on Rift S headsets.

Initially announced back in 2018, Lone Echo II picks up right after the original game, seeing Captain Rhodes and Echo One (your player-controlled android, nicknamed "Jack") find themselves 400 years into the future. Discovering a mysterious space station which appears abandoned, they soon realise it could bring them home.

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Lone Echo II Launches For Oculus Rift On August 24th

Promising a strong sci-fi adventure built with puzzle elements, Ready At Dawn's promised this will include "sharp visuals", "complex challenges", and "startling discoveries". Anyone who buys Lone Echo II will also receive a new Jack-themed chassis for their avatars in Echo VR, a free-to-play multiplayer sports spin-off available on Quest and Rift.

In preparation, Facebook's also discounted the original Lone Echo until II's launch, currently available at 75% off for £7.99/$9.99. Much like II, that's only officially available for PC players through Oculus Rift, though several methods exist for other PC headsets. Otherwise, providing you've got a VR-ready PC, both games are playable on Quest headsets via Oculus Link.