PSVR 'More Than Sufficient' for Doom 3 VR, says Oculus' John Carmack

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DOOM 3 VR may finally be a reality after being demoed all the way back in 2012, but the Oculus consulting CTO seems impressed by the PlayStation VR headset.

In an interview with our sister site Stealth Optional, Carmack was asked whether DOOM 3 VR would be held back by the PSVR headset, to which he responded "it should be more than sufficient".

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PSVR 'More Than Sufficient' for Doom 3 VR, says Oculus' John Carmack

“I’m not well informed on the project, but I’m happy it exists!" Carmack revealed.

The id Software founder had previously demoed a VR port of DOOM 3 back in 2012, despite being a fairly rudimentary port of the game's BFG edition.

After an acrimonious split with ZeniMax Media, the DOOM IP holder, Carmack left, but had previously expressed an interest in seeing the project come to fruition.

“If I had free time, which I absolutely do not, I wish that I could bring the Doom 3 stuff over,” he revealed to Wired in 2013.

“I did feel really bad about the fact that I had pseudo-promised Doom 3 for the Rift when I was first talking about it, and now the fact that it didn’t get released, I felt personally uncomfortable with how that turned out. I wish I could be doing that, but I do not have the time now.”

It's interesting to see DOOM 3 VR arrive on PS VR, partially because of Carmack's ties to Oculus and partially because as noted by Stealth Optional, the PlayStation VR is hardly the most intuitive headset on account of its mass of cables and PS Move controllers.

As for DOOM 3, the game itself launched all the way back in 2004 and offered a reboot of the franchise with some incredible visuals for the time.

It has since been re-released as the BFG edition, and since then the franchise has been rebooted, we've had DOOM VFR, and DOOM: Eternal.

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