Facebook Reveals Project Cambria, a “High-End” Virtual Reality Headset

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After previous rumours and leaks about an Oculus Quest Pro, last night's Facebook Connect event finally gave us a look at the company's next headset. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announced a new “high end” standalone VR headset launching in 2022, codenamed Project Cambria.

We didn't get a good look at Cambria beyond an initial tease, though Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed several details. Specifically, Cambria isn't a Quest 2 replacement and it's also not Quest 3. Instead, this is "a completely new advanced and high end product” aiming for “the higher end of the price spectrum”.

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Facebook Reveals Project Cambria, a “High-End” Virtual Reality Headset

Notably, that comes with eye and face tracking, which will apply to your VR avatar. High resolution colour passthrough is also planned, allowing for mixed reality experiences. As for the design, that matches up with the previously leaked tutorial videos.


Elsewhere during Facebook Connect, we also got news that a VR port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming exclusively to Oculus Quest 2, alongside Blade and Sorcery's release next week. We'll keep you informed with further VR updates as they happen.