Carve Snowboarding Comes To Oculus Quest This Week

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Carve Snowboarding, the VR-based spiritual successor to 1080 Snowboarding, will arrive on Oculus Quest on Thursday, May 27.

First revealed at last month's Oculus Gaming Showcase, the game is in development at Chuhai Labs with Nintendo alumni Giles Goddard.

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Carve Snowboarding Comes To Oculus Quest This Week

Check out the trailer below:


If the idea of a VR-based extreme sports title has you excited, then you may also pleased to know that yes, you can pet a dog in VR, too.


We spoke to the game's creator, Giles Goddard, and he explained that there is a throughline with 1080 Snowboarding.

"Without giving away too many secrets, the fundamental physics model is very similar to 1080 but a lot more refined thanks to faster CPUs etc," he said.

"The control scheme has also obviously been redesigned to make full use of the Oculus Touch controllers and the entire experience is designed for VR of course. We also have a cabin... but no Ricky Winterborn."

For more on Carve Snowboarding, check out the full interview with Goddard here.