Virtua Fighter 6's Future Is Uncertain, Series Producer Says

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Waiting for Virtua Fighter 6?

You’ll be waiting a long while, Sega producer Seiji Aoki said in a recent Famitsu interview Siliconera translated.

The developer has no plans for making Virtua Fighter 6 as yet, though that could easily change.

Up until recently, Aoki said he didn’t realize making Virtua Fighter 5 free on PlayStation Plus was a viable business practice or that it had a willing audience outside arcades.

In short, there’s room for flexibility in how Aoki and Sega view the franchise and its capabilities, and it seems the developer is still getting a sense of what to do with Virtua Fighter.

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Virtua Fighter 6's Future Is Uncertain, Series Producer Says

However, though it seems developing Virtua Fighter 6 makes the most sense and Aoki wants to make it, Sega could have another vision in mind for the series.

Aoki wants to turn Virtua Fighter into a viable Esports game and wants to add management and team battle features to it.

That likely explains the recent Virtua Fighter Esports leak on the Japanese PSN, and we suspect we’ll be hearing more about it in the coming year.

Aoki said interest in Virtua Fighter Showdown will help determine whether Sega pursues Virtua Fighter 6.

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[Source: Siliconera]

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