Virtua Fighter eSports Has Leaked On The Japanese PlayStation Store

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Often considered a pioneer in 3D fighting games, its been a long time since Sega released a brand new Virtua Fighter game. Between Virtua Fighter 5's many iterations, this acclaimed series was last seen in 2012 on the PS3 with Final Showdown.

Now though, a new entry has leaked for PS4 via the Japanese PlayStation Store, under the name "Virtua Fighter eSports" with accompanying artwork. If true, this wouldn't be the first "eSports" game we've seen from Sega, who previously released Puyo Puyo eSports with a focus on competitive multiplayer.

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Virtua Fighter eSports Has Leaked On The Japanese PlayStation Store

Spotted by @psnrelease2, this recent discovery follows on from news back in September, when Sega offered a brief teaser during their Tokyo Game Show 2020 stream. Though it was only a brief clip, that talked about "Virtua Fighter x eSports", and fans were understandably excited.


Adding to the revival rumours, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown was also rated in Korea several weeks ago, but whether that's tied to this eSports project - or it's a separate remastered edition of Virtua Fighter 5 - remains unclear.

Certainly, this all looks pretty official, but we'll have to wait until Sega makes a formal announcement.