Valorant: Will Run and Gun Get Nerfed Further In Episode 3?

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Riot Games recently made a major change in Valorant concerning gunplay, movement and weapon mechanics. Naturally, they answered the much-anticipated question about "Run and Gun" in the popular FPS game.


The developers mentioned in the patch notes that they have added significant inaccuracy to weapons to reduce Run and Gun in Valorant. However, several gamers have taken to social media to report how the Run and Gun meta is still ruining lobbies in Valorant.

You might ask what is this Run and Gun dynamic and why is it so unfair or toxic? Well, we have come up with a discussion that would help you understand how gunplay works in Valorant.

What is Run and Gun?

Run and Gun is a phenomenon in FPS games where a player simultaneously moves while shooting an opponent. Naturally, due to the movement, there is an inaccuracy factor that affects the trajectory of every bullet.

This feature is also present in Valorant, and the inaccuracy factor works on the same foundations.
Essentially, players who use their crosshair to aim at a target, while sprinting or walking can get a fair amount of kills in Valorant.

This dynamic plagued the Valorant community for quite a while, as players were coming up with ridiculous gunfights which were extremely unfair.


Imagine holding a certain chokepoint or an entry point angle, only to be decimated by a jumping opponent who manages to kill you with a headshot! This goes against the laws of movement and gunfight in a tactical shooter game like Valorant.

Countering Run and Gun can become an exercise in patience, especially if one isn't good with their aim. Abilities will only slow the opponents down, but to actually gain an advantage over the Run and Gun dynamic, players will have to rely on their raw aiming skills.

Regardless, to subdue this Run and Gun phenomenon, Riot Games have worked on the inaccuracy factor, and have increased it exponentially.

Latest Changes

The latest changes related to movement and shooting were revealed in the patch notes. It mentioned the following
However, even with the increase in inaccuracy for walking or running, players have reported instances of rampant Run and Gun gameplay in Valorant. This has become remarkably common in Ranked matches across all servers. While there are some improvements related to movement and shooting inaccuracy, Run and Gun is not completely removed from the game.

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Has it improved?

Technically speaking, yes! It has improved a lot more than Episode 2. I've personally been gunned down in Valorant by players who were using the zipline at A Site on Icebox. Similarly, I can recall countless instances of Duelists running past me with a Frenzy or a Vandal and getting a headshot even at full speed. But instances like these are much more controlled now in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1.

That being said, players from all across the globe have posted numerous clips of Run and Gun happening in Episode 3. Some have even mocked Riot Games by quoting "Run and Gun nerfed" from the latest patch notes.
There are numerous clips on the internet that show how Run and Gun is still viable even after the nerfs.

Popular pro player Liquid Mendo took to Twitter to explain his stance about all the changes in Episode 3. He mentions that although Run and Gun needs to be tweaked further, the developers did a great job so far. In fact, several other popular content creators mentioned the same in the comments.


The fact that Riot has taken an active interest in fixing areas of the game based on community response, speaks volumes about the future of Valorant. This is what makes Valorant stand out in front of all other popular FPS games.

Fans and players can expect that the developers will release an official statement about updating Run and Gun inaccuracy when the time is right. Until then, keep grinding, stay focused and don't let one poor gunfight affect your love for the game.