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Valorant: What is Econ Rating?

Valorant isn’t just about notching kills. The 2020 breakout tactical FPS by Riot Games also highlights the Econ Rating system which is essential to gauge a player’s skill in the game.

Econ Rating is one of the game aspects that you can see in Valorant. You can even look at it every after game, and all of the players are ranked according to the econ rating you listed based on your performance on one of the tabs there.

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What is Econ Rating in Valorant?

Econ Rating is the amount of damage you have dealt per 1,000 credits spent in the game. So, let’s say you have 3,000 credits and you inflicted 300 damage, then you have an Econ Rating of 100.

The Econ Rating is one of the most significant numbers in Valorant. Even if it does not really measure a player’s skill level, but it’s quite impressive if you end up buying a pistol but eventually dealing a lot of damage to your opponents, right?

How to Keep Your Econ Rating High in Valorant


If you want to have a higher Econ Rating, then you should balance the weapons you buy and the number of kills/damages you have to do.

If you are using expensive guns such as the Operator which is worth 5,000 credits, then you should aim to kill more to have a high Econ Rating.

So, it is best to use guns that are not that expensive – could be the likes of the primary options Phantom and Vanda both available for 2,900 credits. But if you are confident enough to use expensive guns provided you have the skills, then your Econ Rating can go from average to high.

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