Valorant: What is Econ Rating?

A player using the Sheriff gun to target an enemy in the Heaven area of Site A on the Haven map.

A player using the Sheriff gun to target an enemy in the Heaven area of Site A on the Haven map.

Valorant isn’t just about getting kills and avoiding being killed. The 2020 tactical first-person shooter created by Riot Games also highlights the Econ Rating system, which is essential to gauge a player’s budgeting skills in the game. Post-match, you can access the Econ tab to see all players ranked according to their Econ Rating.

In this guide, we explain what Econ Rating is and how to have a high Econ Rating score in Valorant.

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What is Econ Rating in Valorant?

Econ Rating is the amount of damage you have dealt per 1000 Creds spent in the game. So, let’s say you have 3000 Creds, and you inflict 300 damage, you will then have an Econ Rating of 100.

The Econ Rating is one of the most significant numbers in Valorant. Even if it does not really measure a player’s skill level, the Econ Rating score you end up with can be very impressive if all you bought is a pistol or SMG, then deal a lot of damage using it.

How to Keep Your Econ Rating High in Valorant

Agent KAY-O using the Vandal gun on the Bind map in Valorant.
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If you want to have a higher Econ Rating, then you should balance the weapons you buy with the amount of damage you do.

If you are using expensive guns such as the Operator which is worth 4700 Creds, then you should aim to kill more to ensure you have a higher Econ Rating.

With this in mind, it's best to use guns that are not that expensive throughout the majority of your game unless you're confident about the amount of damage you can deal. Primary options such as the Phantom and Vandal are both available for 2900 Creds, and the Spectre — a strong, short-range SMG — is 1600 Creds. These are all cheaper guns that are good for securing damage and kills, and thus, a higher Econ Rating.

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This article was updated on 12th November 2021 by Kelsey Raynor.

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