Valorant Vandal Guide – The best all-rounder you can find?

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Valorant is out, and free-to-play right now!

Despite offering class-based abilities, guns are the order of the day in Valorant, and the Vandal is one of the best. Here's why.

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Valorant: Vandal Guide

The Vandal


The Vandal costs 2900 Creds – which means it isn't cheap, but we'd argue it's worth it.


Tips and Tricks

The best all-rounder in the game (so far), the Vandal deals a decent amount of damage with each bullet.

It hasn't got the fastest rate of fire, but it makes up for that by not necessarily needing to land many hits for a kill.

That slower fire-rate means you'll want to ensure that you're landing those shots, though, as it doesn't hit quickly enough to stop enemies returning fire.