Valorant: Vampire sound effects leak as new Agent edges closer to release

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Valorant is still in its closed beta with a limited roster of Agents, but it looks like Vampire could be added to the game soon. 

ValorantSource, a Twitter account specialising in Valorant news and leaks, has tweeted a video playing multiple sound effects listed as belonging to "Vampire".

"Bombshell" and "Vampire" have been hinted at multiple times before, but being able to hear the character before their debut feels like a solid bet that the alleged health-siphoning Agent could be the next to be added.

Check out the tweet below.

Leaked "Vampire" Agent Audio Files!#VALORANT |
— VALORANT Source (@ValorantSource)
May 12, 2020

We'd imagine we won't have to wait too long to find out just what's going on, so be sure to check back regularly for all the updates as we get them.

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