Valorant: Update 1.15 Patch Notes - Release Date And Download Time

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Valorant had a successful debut in 2020 and January marks the first major update of the new year

Patch 1.14 brought in a lot of Christmas themed updates to Riot's popular FPS, including some map and agent changes.

Here's what we know about patch 1.15 in Valorant.


Patch 1.15 Release Date

We're expecting the next Valorant update, patch 1.15, to release on the 12th Janaury 2020.

This is due to the fact that Valorant is now switching to monthly updates rather than fortnightly.

The studio is heading on a Christmas break and won't return until the new year and it will have roughly been a month since the last update.

Not to mention that Act 3 ends on the 11th January.

This will likely be the last update of 2020.

Update 1.15 Patch Notes

Valorant usually reveals a list of updates including map, mode, weapon, agent and quality of life fixes.

New Cosmetics

While its too early to know what the new update will bring, Valorant have been kind enough to tease some cosmetics coming to the game next year.


What Else Is Coming?

The Valorant devs have spoken openly and teased many ideas and updates for the new game.

This includes things such as Deathmatch and the Practice Range while loading into games and potential Controller support in the future.