Valorant: Twitter Account Unverified and Accidental Screenshot Leaks

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It seems Riot Games is having a nightmare with their new title Valorant/ Project A. With every day that passes we receive another piece of leaked information, it may be taking away the surprise and intrigue, but it's certainly building hype!

Here's everything you need to know.


Valorant Twitter Account

Rumours for the highly-anticipated game have been surfacing left, right and centre. The biggest by far was earlier this week, when rumors cropped up about the official title for Project A, in the form of “VALORANT”. 

This was near enough confirmed as the name was trademarked by Riot Games.

Shortly after this filing, the Twitter handle @PlayVALORANT was registered.


The account built a following almost immediately and was still yet to tweet. The legitimacy of the account was obviously debated. However, the account was then given the official verification badge from Twitter.

Currently, the Twitter account isn't followed by any Riot Employees, but it is followed by high profile gaming personalities and developers from other studios.

Shortly after the account had been verified, it was then unverified. Which doesn't necessarily mean the account is fake.

It's most likely that Twitter, accidentally verified the account before any official announcement.



New Screenshots Leaked

From what seems to be an embargoed hands-on playtest, IGN may have just accidentally leaked some crucial screenshots of Riots' new 5v5 shooter. 

The images include maps and characters that haven't yet been seen. 


Other News

According to Twitter account @ProjectValorant, new information regarding the game could drop later this evening. 

It isn't clear if this is true at the time of writing, but, be sure to bookmark this page so you don't miss out on the latest information.

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Written by Liam Bartlett@LiamABartlett