Valorant: Devs Tease Deathmatch And Practice Range Changes

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We're still a few weeks away from update 1.13 in Valorant, but it could be a huge update.

Riot Games have abandoned their regular two-week update schedule to take more time and care with their updates; this is off the back of the disaster that was After patch 1.11.


They've now teased that Deathmatch and the Practice Range will be getting big updates.

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Deathmatch And Practice Range Changes Coming To Valorant

Players have requested the opportunity to make their practice time more flexible and keep their shots nice and toasty warm whilst searching.


Some games offer the opportunity to warm up in a slaughterhouse style practice mode when games are loading in to get players used to the connections and have a quick practice before getting stuck in.

The opportunity to have a more flexible Practice Range, allowing other players to join or even an open Deathmatch lobby that could be filled with AI opponents sounds like a mouth-watering prospect.

teleach, a Riot Games Software Engineer, caught wind of this idea on Reddit and has sparked a lot of excitement by saying that the “team is looking” at adding similar features in the future.

They did explain that doing something like this would “require some engineering effort to set up to work with multiple people,” so let's not get overly hyped.


Riot is obviously keen to implement this, but unfortunately, are limited by the platform they have. They reportedly "made a lot of assumptions" when building the platform, client and servers that matches would always start with a full set of players.

It means they'd have to do a lot of work to correct this and allow these changes.

“Playing Deathmatch while in queue is also something we want to do, but first we need to build the tech to allow players to join an in-progress match so that we can have long-running deathmatches that players flow into and out of.”

It's no doubt something that we can expect to see in the future and will make a great game more complete.


The full conversation can be found on Reddit.