Valorant: Split Is Becoming More Attacking Sided

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Valorant is out with its Act III update, and plenty of people’s attentions are on Icebox as they look to learn Riot’s latest map.

However, one of Valorant’s oldest maps is getting the attention of the competitive community.


Split has recently found itself becoming more and more attacker friendly, after months of the community thinking the map is the most defender sided map in the game. Here we will go into detail on why this is the case.

Split Is Changing

For the longest part, Split has been the defender sided map, because of its long angles and funnel points the attackers need to progress through.

Although, in recent months, teams have begun to figure out how to approach an attacking side of Split better.


If anyone has played competitive recently, you will know about the smoke A Rush on Split during the pistol round to take the round win and the subsequent eco rounds.

However, one team seems to be redefining the meta. SUMN appears to have unlocked the key to attacking Split with their quiet mid control and Raze, Jett, and Breach entry combo.

Jett and Raze are typical for an attacking side Split to rush the objectives and avoid getting caught in those long defender favoured angles.

Breach further improves the composition with his charged-up stun and long-range flashbangs. He can safely support his rushing dualists with flashbangs from a distance from typical angles and safety behind cover.


SUMN then use Omen and Cypher to get extra safe utility onto the board for information to control the setup for a site of their choosing.

Coach Spin in the European Valorant scene broke down their play in some of the latest events using this strategy. He even analysed how SUMN broke FPX’s defence half with this strategy and what FPX did to force the tie at the half.

This is all a big deal as teams build up their momentum as Riot Games are set to host their first-ever self-organised Valorant event.


Valorant’s First Strike Event is the premier event of Act III. Teams are currently on their way to qualifying for the event and redefining how maps are played before the event is one way to bag your ticket to the event’s main event in December.