Valorant: Split Map Guide - Spawns, Bombsites, Callouts, and Best Agents To Use!

One of the most anticipated game releases of all year is finally upon us, as Valorant is finally here!

One of the maps we got a look at is Split, let's take a further dive into Split!

Map Overview and Callouts

Below is a full overhead view of Split, as well we are going to take you through some of the callouts that players are going to be able to use on Split!

This map is unique as the orientation of the map is rotated it appears, the bombsites are on the north and south side of the map rather than east and west.

  • CT Spawn
  • T Spawn

A bombsite located on the north side of the map.

  • Corner
  • A-Box
  • A-Long
  • Mid
  • Connector
  • Cubby
  • Box

B bombsite located on the south side of the map. 

  • Short
  • B-Long
  • Back
  • Corner
  • Bench
  • B-Box
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Best Spots To Defend

Defending is going to be one of the most vital parts of any Valorant match, especially on Bind where the enemy can easily teleport back to their spawn if a rush towards B site does not work. 

Let's take a look at some of the best spots you can set up on Split to get the upper hand over your enemy!

  • B site back corner - Perhaps one of the most one-spots on the map, although you cannot retreat from this potion easily it is a great way to take your enemies off guard!
  • A site connector  At the crossroads of how to get into the A bombsite, you can bunker down in this position and still back up to wait for the rest of your team!

Best Agents

Agents are the characters that people will lock into before the start of each match, it is crucial that you have the right five-man setup of agents.

As once you lock in a character during the beginning phases of a match, you cannot change them until the next match,

So, picking the right agent is vital, let's go over some of the best ones to use on Split!

  • Brimstone - Since there are a lot of hidden corners and alleyways on Split, the ability to smoke them off is crucial, making Brimstone one of the best maps. 
  • Phoenix - This agent has the unique ability to throw flashes around the corner without opponents knowing its coming, this will be amazing to use on Split!
  • Sage - Defense is key, Sage is by far the best defensive agent and her barriers are going to be important on this map!

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