Valorant: Sentinels Win VCT NA Challengers 1 Stage 3 Main Event

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In the recent Grand Finals for VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1, Sentinels defeated XSET 3-1. After an intense battle in a best of five format, the reigning Masters 2 Champions prevailed over their opponents.

Sentinels earned the 1st seed for the Challengers Playoffs and marched on towards Masters 3 Berlin. Their overall team performance was exquisite, and there is no doubt that they are the best Valorant roster in the world.


Although Sentinels won the main event, they will still have to get through the Playoffs to book a spot for Berlin.

Grand Finale

Sentinels defeated XSET 3-1 in the grand finale of VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1. Here are all the detailed scorelines from every map.

Map 1 - Haven

Sentinels picked the map and started on defence. They took the pistol and the eco round but started falling apart from round 3. XSET composed themselves and found their rhythm from there on as they scored 8-4 as Attackers.

Sentinels responded in the 3rd round of second half as Attackers, but XSET had the momentum in Map 1. XSET surprised everyone when they won 13-9 on Haven, which was Sentinels map pick.


Match mvp - BcJ (XSET).

Map 2 - Breeze

XSET selected the map Breeze, which is the latest one in Valorant, and it was allowed for VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1. Although this was XSET's pick, Sentinels dominated and won the second map by scoring 13-7.

Sentinels won the first six rounds consecutively and crushed XSET's economy. XSET only managed to win 3 rounds while attacking, and did most of their winning while defending.

Match mvp - SEN Sick.

Map 3 - Icebox


Sentinels picked Icebox for the third map in the grand finale. This match featured some of the best fights from the tournament as both teams were equally strong. Both halves ended with a 6-6 scoreline, and the match went to overtime.

In overtime, Sentinels dominated the first round as attackers in Overtime, and went ahead to win the match 14-12.

Match mvp - SEN TenZ.

Map 4- Ascent

XSET selected Ascent, but faced a rocky start as Sentinels won the pistol round convincingly. The world champions showed how to push and take Mid-control as defenders. This strategy is exceedingly clever as it funnels the attackers to push towards A site.


Sentinels went on to put up 7-6 on their defensive half and won the match 13-10.

Match mvp - SEN TenZ.

Sentinels - #1 seed Playoffs

The reigning world champions Sentinels started the tournament by defeating Gen.G eSports with a scoreline of 2-1. TenZ surprised the world with his Yoru pick, who is considered the weakest Duelist in the Valorant.

Nevertheless, TenZ picked up 20 frags with Yoru and displayed some of the sneakiest plays one can perform with the Agent.

In the upper bracket semi-finals, they faced XSET where they lost 2-1 and went down to the lower bracket Round 2 to face Kansas City Pioneers.


After their semi-finals defeat, Sentinels won every following game with a 2-0 scoreline. They defeated KCP 2-0 and then defeated Team Envy in the lower Round 3.

In the lower finals, Sentinels faced 100 Thieves. Even though fans and experts predicted that it would be a close affair, Sentinels won the match without showing any weakness.

In the grand finale, they defeated XSET 3-1 to take the #1 Playoff seed ahead of VCT NA Stage 3 Challenger Playoffs.

XSET - Runners Up #2 seed Playoffs

XSET displayed some of the best performances throughout VCT NA Stage 3 Challengers 1. They reached the grand finale without losing a match in the upper brackets. Their performance in the tournament shows how NA is the most competitive region in Valorant.

In the upper bracket semi finals, XSET faced Sentinels and they defeated the Masters 2 Champions 2-1 to progress ahead.

Stellar performances from BcJ and PureR set the tone for XSET's journey in the tournament. Young 16-year-old Zachary "zekken" Patrone was having the time of his life, maining Skye to frustrate the opponent and keep them at bay.