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Valorant: Sage Agent Guide - Abilities, Best Weapons, Equipment, Tips And Tricks


Valorant is here, and we've been checking out all of the characters and their abilities - in particular Sage.


Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. Able to revive fallen friends and stave off forceful assaults, she provides a calm centre to a hellish battlefield.

Here's our guide to this agent.

Sage Video Guide

Sage Gameplay

Sage Abilities

Here are Sage's abilities:

  • Slow Orb: Cast out a radianite orb that breaks into a slowing field upon impact with the ground. All caught in the field are slowed, grounded, and make noise when moving.
  • Barrier Orb: Conjure a large, solid wall. Right-click to rotate the wall before casting.
  • Signature Ability ⁠— Healing Orb: Heal an ally or yourself to full health over a few seconds.
  • Ultimate ⁠— Resurrection: Target a friendly corpse. After a short delay, revive them with full health.


A support agent, Sage's utility is entirely based on her interactions with others. If she's not healing, she's not worth having, essentially.

Used properly, she can keep your entire team from death and even revive them!

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