Valorant: Rubber Banding Stutter Step Bug Fix Aims for Patch 1.11

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Valorant may have released Act III for players to get stuck into, but one thing players are not enjoying is a bug that snook itself into the release.

An annoying stutter-step bug has found itself into the live patch, and Riot Games are looking to fix the game.


While a hotfix was meant to deploy in patch 1.11, it sadly is delayed till October 27.

Stutter Fix Incoming?

Micro stutters have been annoying players in Valorant since the last update to the game.

Players find themselves pinging forward and backwards, which makes a game all about mastering aiming even more difficult to play.


The rubberbanding can be that bad that it makes buying an Operator in those moments worthless as players miss key shots or cannot hold tight angles as the rubber banding gives the game away.

Riot Games mentioned on October 19 that the update would come on 1.11, but sadly it has not arrived.

The devs go on to say that the fix they have does not reliably and consistently stop the bug from occurring.

The next patch on October 27 is the new date for the intended fix that will kill off the stutter and rubber banding that players are experiencing.

An update: seems like a hotfix isn't coming this week, as we haven't been able to build a reliable fix - think next patch.We're painfully aware of the disruption this is creating in play, and finding a fix remains our top priority. Thanks for your patience.
October 21, 2020

Patch 1.12 is set for October 27, which is the day that Icebox’s beta phase ends and Skye joins us from the land down under.


Player’s should not fret that this bug will last a week. It is perfectly possible that Riot Games gets a reliable fix for bug even earlier than 1.11 and It will deploy as a hotfix. Although, these things may take time so be patient as Riot know how troubling it is.

Riot Games said: “We’re painfully aware of the disruption this is creating in play, and finding a fix remains our top priority.” Hopefully, Riot gets this fixed as soon as possible.