Valorant: Dev Diaries Highlight Design Ideas Behind The Breeze Map

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Riot Games recently released a Valorant Dev Diaries, and it features the controversial Breeze map. Developers spoke about the map's design and also shed some light on the lore-related developments coming to the game soon.

Previously, the map was removed from competitive play at Master 2 Reykjavik. At the same time, Yoru's Gate Crash ability also had a glitch spot in the Breeze map. This is why Yoru was removed from the game for a while.


Nevertheless, Breeze is one of the picturesque maps in Valorant with natural environmental design. It is definitely good for long-ranged Rifle and Sniper gunplay, and that makes it perfect for competitive mode.

The Art and design of Breeze

In the recent dev diary, Sal Garozzo, Valorant's game designer, explained the idea behind the Breeze map. He highlighted that this was the first post-launch map in Valorant, and it was created after noticing how players strategize with different Agents and weapon combinations.

He also mentioned how the entire Breeze map is interconnected. The mid section of the map is perhaps the most important area to defend, as it has several open angles for Sniper enthusiasts. Gaining control over one site becomes simpler once a team learns how to control the Mid area on Breeze.

Joe Lansford, Valorant's level designer, spoke on how Breeze was different from all the other maps in-game. He highlighted that players wanted to see more long open spaces in the game that encourages long-ranged gunplay.

"A site really delivers on a kind of all of the premise of the map. So you just see all of the big space and site lines all right there."

According to the developers, the idea was to create a map that will not only inspire long-ranged combats but also allow players to effectively use their agent's abilities on Breeze.


Structures like the pyramid on A site in Breeze was one of the new elements added to the maps. The developers added this to encourage creative plays with the help of different structures.

Merging Valorant lore with map environment

Devon Faye, art director, and Brandon Martynowicz, environment artist, highlighted how Valorant's lore is enmeshed with map design in-game.

They spoke about the possibilities of storytelling through expressive map design, something that is quite a unique feature in Valorant. Each of the maps has a different story to tell, and Breeze has a long history in Valorant's lore.

Merging storytelling with the environment is something the developers focused on. For instance, the Samurai armour at A site on Icebox and the teleporter at Breeze are quite essential to Valorant's lore.


According to the developers, story spaces are certain areas on the map that contain most of the lore-related details. These areas are not as contested on the map and it gives a different dimension to Valorant.

The important thing to note from this dev diary is that the upcoming Agent 16 is coming soon, and he/she might be revealed on Breeze.

The imminent arrival of Agent 16

Right at the end of the video, the developers left a little note reminding players about the teleporter at A site on Breeze.


Recently, players noticed that the teleporter started to glow with a light blue aura. This was later followed up with some official teasers about the upcoming Agent 16 in Valorant.

Players can expect that Episode 3 will bring the new Agent 16 into the game. However, there will be a few more teasers before the next "hacker" Agent finally joins Valorant.