Valorant: Riot Games Disclose Upcoming Fixes With Release Of Valorant

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Valorant is slated for an official release on June 2nd, with a brand new Agent and map, as well as some requested fixes.

Although Valorant has been given nothing but praise, it's hard not to notice the amount of bugs that came with it.


However, Riot has been incredibly reactive to the issues during the beta and they've kept fans in the loop via social media. 

A plethora of bugs have been listed, and will be fixed on June 2nd with the release of Valorant.

The team will be fixing hit registration inconsitencies, map exploits, disabled blood and lots more. The good news is that Riot will be continually looking at the game and improving it where possible. 


 “We are committed to supporting this game for years to come, regardless of what issues crop-up”.


Although this is great news, a tweet from @RiotSuperCakes, stated that the game won't be getting an update anytime before the beta ends on the 28th May.